Coordination of Care and SNF Consolidated Billing for Orthopaedics

Live Webinar | Lynn Anderanin | From: Jan 22, 2018 - To: Nov 30, -0001

In recent years, there have been new codes added to CPT® related to coordination of care and transition care, but when can these be used in Orthopaedics, and what is included in a patient’s Skilled Nursing Facility residency that will affect the reimbursement of orthopedic surgeons?  This webinar will look at both of these lines of service and help practices decide if and when they will report these services.

Areas covered In the Session:

The expectations of this conference are that the attendee upon the completion of the conference should have an understanding of the newer CPT® codes related to coordination of care and the rules and guidelines related to consolidated billing for patients in a skilled nursing facility.

Why Should You Attend:

  1. Billing for home care certifications and re-certifications
  2. Reporting prolonged service codes without direct patient contact.
  3. When you can report care management services
  4. What is transitional care management?
  5. Managing to bill for skilled nursing facilities related to consolidated billing.

Who Should Attend:

  • Physicians
  • auditors
  •  coders
  • billers
  • medical assistants
  • physicians assistants
  • nurse practitioners
  • scribes

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