Gastroenterology Coding Update 2018

Live Webinar | Terry Fletcher | Jan 23, 2018 , 01 : 00 PM EST | 60 Minutes |   Today

Medicare along with AMA CPT finalized a number of significant changes to the coding for services for the Gastroenterology Specialty. Now that these changes have gone into effect, healthcare organizations should be monitoring and be auditing their existing records to make sure they are capturing services and maximizing their reimbursements. This presentation will address coding along with billing and payments for said services.

Why Should you  attend:

  • Capturing the New Patient vs established patient visits
  • Coding for an E/M and an endoscopy test on the same date.
  • Coding for endoscopy services in the office and facility setting.
  • The Telemedicine "star" symbol for 2018 and the impact it will have for Gastroenterology Telemedicine
  • The role of NPP's in the office and hospital for E/M services
  • Screening Colonoscopies and the billing and reimbursement process
  • Modifiers as it relates to Endoscopic services for GI practices
  • Moderate Sedation services and documentation for code capture in 2017-2018.

What tools and benefits will your session provide to the attendees?

How to Tips for physicians, and easy to understand guidelines for E/M, and language examples to make sure physicians are compliant with their documentation when trying to capture new services in 2018. New Medicare Update such as the 2018 New Patient Modifiers will be discussed.

Who should attend?

  • Coders
  •  Billers
  • Administrators
  • Collectors
  • physicians
  • back office
  • mid-levels

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