Paying Physicians for Quality and Value: Key Trends and Stark Law Considerations

Live Webinar | Joseph Wolfe | Jan 24, 2018 , 01 : 00 PM EST | 60 Minutes |  1 Days Left

In this session Mr. Wolfe will provide a straight-forward, practical explanation of developing concepts, including the quality and value metrics into new federal health care programs and commercial payment systems, new delivery models, what providers can be doing to develop a value-based strategy, and the application of the Stark Law and other fraud and abuse laws to new models aimed at population health, quality of care and cost control. Mastering these concepts will be a must for healthcare executives looking to position their organizations for success in this new value-based world.

Why Should you attend:

  • Medicare, Medicaid, and private payors are looking to accelerate the transition from volume to value and population health through targeted incentives. 
  • Going forward, healthcare leaders should be developing a value-based strategy so they can position their organizations for financial success in the new value-based world.
  • A refined and comprehensive value-based strategy can advance several important goals for a healthcare organization, among them
  1. enhancement of quality of care and improvement of patient outcomes.
  2.  promotion of safe medical practices;
  3. sharing of best clinical practices;
  4. increased efficiencies in care delivery;
  5. facilitation of appropriate utilization of services; and
  6. alignment of financial incentives.
  • Attendees should register for this webinar to get a better understanding of the legal issues surrounding paying for quality and value so they can refine their current strategy and can identify new delivery models and potential opportunities. 

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Provide a general overview of new quality and value-based payment trends
  • Discuss CMS’s new Quality Payment Program, its pathways and potential options for clinicians as they navigate the program. 
  • Discuss potential strategies for incentivizing physicians in connection with the  rollout of the new value-based programs
  • Discuss the application of the existing regulatory framework (e.g, AKS, Stark, CMP, beneficiary inducement, etc. ) to new models aimed at incentivizing population health, quality of care and cost control.


It’s clear that health care reform and new payment trends are leading hospitals, health systems, and medical groups to consider new compensation models to enhance their capabilities in providing value-based care, cost management and improved quality and efficiency.

Who will benefit:

  • In-House Counsel
  • Health Care Compliance Officers
  • Health Care Human Resources
  • Health Care CFOs
  • Health Care executives

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